Young People Increasingly Drawn to Antique Furniture

More and more young people or ‘millennials’ as they are often classed are looking to buy antique furniture rather than opting for cheap furniture bought from stores such as IKEA.

Furniture bought from stores such as IKEA is sometimes referred to as ‘fast furniture’ due to its cheap price and easy flatpack assembly kits.

There is however a clear movement towards a more eco conscious way of shopping for furniture and there are no greener alternatives than making use of furniture that has already existed decades or even hundreds of years.

Auctioneers are reporting a big increase in buyers from the 18 to 45 age group keen to bag a bargain pieces of antique furniture that can sometimes be cheaper and better quality than comparable items found in low cost furniture stores.

Besides being more eco-friendly, antique furniture is often seen as having more personality and personality is something most people like to project when they are on social media sites such as Instagram showing off the items they have bought.

So the new appeal of antique furniture is as much about the changing fashions of our time as it is about the growing awareness that the planets resources are not infinite.