Why Should You Buy Reclaimed or Antique Furniture In 2019?

The simple reason is there has never been a better time. Prices for antiques and some reclaimed materials are now steadily increasing after two decades of falling prices.

Antique furniture and other reclaimed items however are still relatively cheap compared to what they have been historically and this represents a great buying opportunity to invest while prices are still reasonably low.

One thing you won’t find in a furniture store nowadays is furniture constructed from quality wood. The days of using high quality timber are now long gone because it is simply too expensive to use the sort of materials used in Victorian and Edwardian times. This makes furniture of this era even more valuable because it cannot be matched for durability.

Then there is the question of the environment which people are becoming more and more concerned with. Manufacturing furniture and building materials takes a lot of energy which in turn releases more of the gases that contribute to global warming. Buying antiques takes no energy because they won’t require anything but a bit of a polish now and then.

The added bonus is once you have grown tired of your antiques they will still hold value.