Why Buy Vintage This Christmas?

Are you stuck for ideas on what gifts to buy this Christmas? Then come along to Beeston Reclamation and find something unusual you won’t find in any high street shop.

At this time of year much of the pleasures of Christmas shopping is taken away by crowds of people marauding through shops that struggle to cope with the influx. Even if you do brave the crowds have you noticed that what you find in one shop looks much the same in another. Often the only difference between the items you find is the price of them.

An alternative to all the mass produced goods you find in the shops is to visit your local antiques shop or reclamation yard. Vintage and retro are very fashionable at the moment as people yearn for times when shopping for gifts was a pleasure.

Buying antique and retro items not only means you are saving the planet from the extra energy that needs to be used up producing various items from plastic, you are also buying something that is usually of higher quality than the equivalent you find in the shops today.

Of course not every antique item you find will serve the same purpose today as it once did, but often items can be put to new creative uses.