Why Buy Staddlestones?

Staddlestones are often found in reclamation yards and you will find several at Beeston Reclamation, so why buy one, why are there so many and what were they used for? Read on to find out…

Staddlestone are instantly recognisable due to their mushroom shape and you may have seen them used as features in gardens all over the country. Prior to be used as a garden ornament, however, they had a much more important purpose as supports for grain stores.

The word Staddle is actually derived from the old English word for a foundation or support (stathol) and Staddlestones were useful in preventing rats and other vermin getting into grain stores and game larders in the middle ages.

They usually come in two pieces making them easy to move around and this is what made them such a useful part of construction and more recently as garden design features. Each stone is unique and they look their best when they have been exposed to the elements.

Over time a saddle stone will provide a home for mosses and lichens which only adds to the appeal in a garden.

If you would like to see the staddlestones we have available at Beeston Reclamation, please come and see us or contact us today.