Why Buy From A Reclamation Yard?

This is a simple question one that is not always so easy to answer. Why would you buy old items from a reclamation yard rather than pop down to your local furniture or hardware store?

Most of the things you will buy in the shop today are mass produced, often in countries far away from the UK. They are also more often than not created by machines that create exact clones of each product they make. So there is nothing unique or unusual about them and often there is almost a complete absence of any human input.

What you will find at a reclamation yard are items that date back several years. Many of these items will have imperfections and look a little rough around the edges. Some will be in excellent condition but they still won’t achieve the perfect standards of what you will find in something new you buy from the shops.

So what’s the attraction?

Whilst buying new means you will probably get to own something that fits your requirements perfectly and in some cases will cost you less money, what you won’t get is art and originality and in a lot of cases scarcity.

And this is the part of the charm of buying from a reclamation yard. You will get to own something practically nobody else has at a price that can often compete with something similar you can buy new. As time goes on greater value will be placed on the stuff us humans have created which cannot be readily recreated using modern technology.