Where To Use Rustic Rope Top Edging In Your Garden

With the arrival of spring, you may be planning to get out in the garden and carry out some work on levelling up your flower beds or perhaps your driveway. Decorative edging can by ideal for this purpose.

We now have a rustic rope top edging in stock down at the yard which can be used for all sorts of purposes in virtually any garden.

Rope top edging is unquestionably one of the most elegant types of edging product to use in your garden. You can use it to add a textured finish that will catch the eye and stand the test of time. Rope top edging looks great when set against flower beds and can define the borders in your garden as part of a either a formal or informal design depending on the condition of the blocks.

Popular in Victorian times, rope top edging made from concrete can still be found in DIY stores today in a variety of colours, but if you purchase from the reclamation yard you can be confident that the material they are made from is robust and will last a lifetime. #
Examples such as Ruabon red rope edging can be found in reclamation yards around the country and are highly sought after.

If you plan to use your red rope edging in the garden, it is advisable to use a dry mix of concrete so that they can be salvaged and moved at a later date if required.