What Sorts Of Things Can You Expect To Buy At A Reclamation Yard?

One of the main attractions of visiting a reclamation yard is you never know what you will find let along expect to buy.

A reclamation yard will have anything from reclaimed building materials to furniture and unusual antiques on display at any one time. This makes a visit to more of a voyage of discovery if you are simply curious about what’s on offer.

If you are in the building trade, you will find a wealth of material reclaimed and recovered from building sites all over the country. While some of these materials were seen as waste, they can still be put to great use in small-scale building projects adding character and quality.

From cast iron street signs to reclaimed chimney pots and garden statues, you will find a vast array of items to suit all budgets.

When it comes to furniture and some of our unusual collector’s items, you can consider what you find to be as much an investment as a purchase.

What you can’t expect to find is something in a box or that fits particular size requirements. Yet this is part of the charm and once you have visited once you are likely to come back again and again.