What Material Makes A Good Mantle For Your Fireplace

The material you choose will depend a lot on what type of property you have. If it’s from the Victorian era then a cast iron mantlepiece is likely to be the best fit while for other properties and oak mantle would fit perfectly.

We have plenty of examples of both at Beeston reclamation and whether its cast iron or oak, these materials have the properties required to cope with the demands of their setting.

One thing you need to be aware of no matter what material you choose is the amount of heat that is generated in the flue pipes. This is particularly the case with oak which can catch fire if it is too close to the intense heat of a fire.

This is why there needs to be a minimum amount of clearance between your mantle from flue pipes. If you are at all unsure what the clearance should be in your case consult someone experienced in this type of installation to help you.

Our cast iron and oak mantles can be supplied ready to install making them an ideal choice to add character to your room.

To see the full selection of our cast iron and oak mantles come and visit us at Beeston Reclamation.