What Makes Welsh Dressers So Popular?

We often see the faces of visitors to Beeston Reclamation light up when they see an antique Welsh dresser. The appeal of the Welsh Dresser continues to endure even to this day when the needs of the modern household have changed dramatically.

So what is it that makes the Welsh dresser so appealing?

One thing is certain, there are few pieces of furniture that instantly create such a romantic image of country cottages and the simple life of days gone by. Look at an antique dresser today such as the Shropshire Dresser we have on display and you can see the patina that has built up over time and creates that sense of warmth and history that no piece of modern furniture can match.

You may be wondering what the difference between a Welsh dresser and a Shropshire dresser is and the answer to this is it is largely down to where they were made. Examples can be found from every region of the United Kingdom, but over the years the name Welsh dresser has stuck due to the high quality pieces that were produced in Wales.

The Welsh dresser has been in existence since the late 17th century, which means you could call it one of the world’s oldest design classics!