What is sustainable furniture?

Those looking to make more ethical and environmentally friendly buying decisions when furnishing their home should look for sustainable furniture options.

Sustainable is a word that is often used interchangeably with terms like ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘green’, but does it really mean the same thing?

Sustainable definition

The dictionary definition for sustainable is: “able to be maintained at a certain rate or level.”

So, what does this mean when used in the context of the production of products and the environment?

Sustainable products, including furniture, should be produced in a way that preserves the environment in the long-term, whilst also looking after the environment and society in the present day.

To be sustainable, a product should have zero, or very little impact on the environment.

How to identify sustainable furniture


The materials used to produce a piece of sustainable furniture should not deplete any natural resources or otherwise negatively effect the environment when collected. Sustainable furniture is usually made from materials that are recycled, repurposed or easily renewable.

Production process

To be sustainable, the production process should look after both the environment and the workers involved in the process. This includes every aspect of producing a piece of furniture, from sourcing and collecting the materials to sending out the finished piece for distribution.


The transportation of materials and finished products expends energy. Sustainable furniture is usually produced locally using locally-sourced materials.


A sustainable piece of furniture should be durable and long-lasting, bonus points if it is also multi-functional! The higher the quality of a piece of furniture, the longer it should last, and the longer it lasts, the less demand there is for energy and resources to be used up making new pieces. Sustainable furniture can often be reclaimed and used time and time again.

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