What Does A Typical Victorian Style Garden Look Like?

This a question people who own Victorian properties often ask when they are considering reinstating some of the features that may have been lost in the many years that have passed since the 19th Century.

If we could get into a time machine and travel back to that period, gardens will of course have looked very different to those we see today. What would be familiar however is the variety of different garden designs.

Gardens could be inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement or they could be grand in scale particularly in suburban houses owned by the wealthy middle classes.

Today there are also plenty of surviving examples of Victorian terraced property with small yards which may only provide space for a chair or two.

One feature you will find plenty of no matter what size of garden is iron. Iron was used to make elaborate gates and railings and this is often the first place to start in any restoration project.

Larger gardens were often walled and many of these walls continue to stand to this day such was the quality of the workmanship.

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