Ways To Use Salvage

Architectural salvage is now highly sought after from our homes to our business premises and even housing developments, there are pieces which can be upcycled or recycled and put to all kinds of different purposes.

The demand for reclaimed architectural materials has sparked a growth in specialist tradespeople, designers and architects, who are skilled in projects that incorporate reclaimed materials. Some housing developments are being built with near 100% salvaged materials such as Durban Mill in Manchester.

This particular development was constructed from 96% recycled demolition material. Making use of this material is not only adds character to a development but also makes use of materials that are often of superior quality than that which can be produced today.

The beauty of buying salvage material for your building, interior or garden design project is the versatility. Old chimney pots can be used as planters and flagstones can simply be cleaned up to look as good as new to name but a few common ways salvage material is put to use. The rest is simply down to your imagination.

If you are interested in buying reclaimed materials for your building project have a look on our website or come and see the materials we have in stock at the reclamation yard.