Using reclaimed chimney pots in the garden

Searching for an unusual, ornamental garden feature? Reclaimed chimney pots are both attractive and practical additions to the garden.

Throughout history, chimney pots have had as much of an aesthetic purpose as they have a practical one.

17th century chimney pots tended to be very tall, whilst 18th century chimney pots were often characterised as being larger and simpler in design. During the 19th century, ornate chimney pots were very fashionable and often featured classical detailing like cornices and plinths. Ornate chimney pots even became somewhat of a status symbol.

Today, old reclaimed chimney pots are popularly used as ornamental garden features.

Using reclaimed chimney pots in the garden

Chimney pots are sturdy, durable, attractive, and weatherproof, making them the perfect addition to the garden, patio or driveway.


The most popular and obvious way to use a reclaimed chimney pot in the garden is to fill it with soil and use it as a planter. Planters add interest to the garden and can be used to add greenery and colour to patios. They’re also ideal for growing a large variety of different plants as you can control the soil and conditions in each planter. Place a chimney pot planter either side of a doorway to create a striking entrance.

Candle holders

Place large candles or outdoor lights inside one or more chimney pots and position them on your patio or along your paving for ambient outdoor lighting.

Bird bath

Chimney pots are the perfect height and shape for turning into attractive and sturdy bird baths. Simply move the chimney pot into position, securely attach a large bowl or saucer, fill with water, and watch the birds splashing from your window.

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