Useful Items You Can Buy From Reclamation Yards

Reclamation yards are ideal places to source materials and items for restoration projects and period homes. Here are some of the most common and useful items you will find.

Bricks and roof tiles
One of the main difficulties when building a new extension or replacing roof tiles is finding materials that match or at least don’t look too out of place next to existing materials. New materials will really stand out if they are placed next to old weathered bricks and tiles so it is often better to source reclaimed materials.

Oak beams
You will always find plenty of reclaimed oak beams available at reclamation yards. Again, these will be aged and people will not be able to tell the difference if the beams in your property are the original ones. This makes them excellent for restoring period properties.

Stone sets
Stone sets are another common site at reclamation yards and they can be put to use on paths and patio areas. Reclaimed stone sets are a much more robust alternative to purchasing slabs from DIY stores.

You will always find an excellent choice of quality doors available at reclamation yards. You can expect these doors to be high quality and with a bit of restoration work they ca look as good as new.