Upcycled storage ideas for small bedrooms

Keep your small bedroom organised and clutter-free with these inventive upcycled storage ideas.

If there’s one thing that can make a small bedroom feel even smaller, it’s clutter. Keeping items neatly stored away and out of sight is a great way to maximise space in a small bedroom. But with less space for storage furniture, it’s time to get inventive to clear those surfaces.

Here are five exciting, affordable, and eco-friendly upcycling ideas to transform your small space.

Garden trellis into shelving/bed canopy–Create a set of shelves by attaching three pieces of garden trellis attached together (2 sides and a third piece at the back). Lay pieces of wood laid across the slats to create shelving. After creating two lots of shelving, position them either side of the head of your bed facing inwards and attach them using an additional piece of trellis lying down on top of the shelves, creating a bridge between the shelves and a canopy over your bed. Use the shelving in the place of bedside tables, to store books, and other decorative items. You could even wind fairly lights around the top bridging trellis.

Wheels on drawers for underbed storage– Add wheels to the underside of unused drawers and slot them under your bed to create simple, durable and practical storage boxes. If the drawers are a bit old and tired, spruce them up with a lick of paint and new handles.

Create multi-purpose furniture– Multi-purpose furniture can be a life-saver in a very small room. Think of ways you can adapt and upcycle existing furniture to add storage or give it an extra purpose. This could include taking a pine storage chest and adding a purpose-made cushion so that it doubles as a seat or adding a shelf underneath a bedside table for some extra storage.

Rain gutter for decorative bookshelf/reading corner– This idea works particularly well for creating a reading nook in a small child’s bedroom. Take some guttering, paint it and attach it to the wall to store and display books. Affix one above the other at child’s eye level and place a beanbag or a couple of cushions on the floor to create a cosy reading area.

Add organisers and shelves to dead space– In a very small bedroom it’s important to find ways to make good use of as much of the dead space in the room as possible. Wardrobes and in-built cupboards with too few shelves can be customised by adding extra shelves or attaching organisers to the sides and placing old drawers in the bottom. Make use of narrow spaces in between furniture or in the corner of a room by adding small shelves. Create simple and attractive shelves by attaching brackets to the wall and lying an old book horizontally across the bracket.

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