Turn Your Balcony into a Relaxing Oasis

If you live in an apartment you may not be lucky enough to have use of a garden but if you have a balcony, they you could potentially transform it inti a relaxing oasis after a visit to Beeston Reclamation.

Even if your balcony is on the small side there is still plenty you can do to make the most of the space available. Spring is the season of flowers and filling that balcony with colour should be the top priority. You could even create a small herb garden and save money on buying them fresh from the shops.

You will find plenty of salvaged items that would make great planters such as vintage filing boxes, Belfast sinks and if you have room, even the base of a chimney pot if you need to add height to your display.

These will all be weather proof due to being galvanised or made from materials that are highly resistant to the damp British climate.

Now well-designed balcony space would be complete without some vintage lighting. We currently have in stock an old crook and lantern which you can use to light your balcony with tea lights.

Besides these items we have plenty more unusual finds which with a bit of imagination could be used to enhance your balcony space.