Trough plants for colour in autumn/winter

As we say goodbye to the summer, those once vibrant trough gardens can start to look bare, brown, and sorry for themselves.

Carefully curating a trough that is full of plants that thrive in colder conditions can help to inject colour and beauty into your garden throughout the colder months.

Our top tips for creating an eye-catching autumn/winter trough display are:

  • Limit your colour palette.
  • Use foliage.
  • Think about shape and texture.

Popular autumn/winter trough plants

Here are six popular late-season plants to add interest and beauty to your container garden this winter.

  • Ivy – A slow-growing ivy will provide elegant trailing foliage all year round. Ivy is excellent for adding shape to your display and hiding the side of the trough as it grows and trails down the container.
  • Flowering heather–Bright sprays of flowering heather in purple, white or pink will add vibrant colour to your trough during the colder months. These evergreens are easy to grow, look good all year round and will entice the bees into your garden.
  • Pansies and violas – Pansies and violas are both popular choices for adding a splash of colour in autumn/winter flower displays. These low-growing plants are excellent for filling gaps in your display. They are available in a rainbow of colours, so pick your colours and shades carefully to complement your palette.
  • Grasses – Low-maintenance, evergreen,ornamental grasses can look very eye-catching in a trough garden, adding shape, colour and texture to your display.
  • Hellebores– Hellebores are perennials that produce stunning, delicate flowers in a variety of colours during the winter and early spring months.
  • Heucheras– Known for their large distinctive foliage, Heucheras are available in a broad range of colours and are great for filling out and adding shape and colour to your trough garden.

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