Top 3 Problems With Upcycling

We are currently in the midst of a boom in upcycling driven by concerns for the environment as much as demand for vintage style items of furniture and so on. This means there plenty of people now visiting reclamation yards looking for items that are a bit shabby around the edges that are ripe for some restoration work.

Buying such items however is not without its pitfalls. With this in mind lets look at the top 3 problems you might encounter when upcycling.

The project is too ambitious
It is best to start with smaller projects if you don’t yet have the necessary skills and wish to learn techniques such as painting old furniture and restoring cast iron. Large restoration projects can be very time consuming for beginners and the results might not be as good as you had hoped.

You Don’t Make Any Money
There may be times where you can restore a piece of furniture and then make some money on it. Unfortunately, lots of people end up disappointed when an item they may have put a lot of work into restoring only attracts a low offer. When upcycling it is best to keep an open mind and avoid doing it just to make money.

Lack of storage
Think carefully when buying items if storage space in your home is at a premium. You can soon clutter your home up with antiques and other reclaimed items. The point of upcycling is to make use of what you purchase and give it a new lease of life.