Tips On Buying From A Reclamation Yard

You will find many people travelling to the reclamation yard to browse through antique items and other curiosities. It is often fun just to have a look around with one or two surprises in store each time you do. The main reasons to visit a reclamation yard however are to find bargains and items from the past that can add character to the home or garden. So if you’re planning a trip to a reclamation yard yourself this weekend here are some handy tips to keep in mind…

What can you expect to buy?
You can buy anything from sinks, and basins to paving stones, chimneys and even cast iron street signs. One of the pleasures of browsing through a reclamation yard is not quite knowing what you will find.

You can make money as well as spend it
If you have something old worth selling then you never know, it could be worth a decent amount of money and you can often bring it along to see if the reclamation yard will take it and offer you a good deal.

Not everything will be an exact fit
A reclamation yard isn’t Argos, you can’t expect things to come in a box with a set of instructions or be designed perfectly for your house. To avoid buying something that isn’t the right size, bring along a tape measure along with size requirements.

Set a budget and stick to it
It’s easy to get carried way at a reclamation yard particularly if you are passionate about antiques and objects from the past. The important thing is to set a budget or at least have some idea of what you will need to spend.