Tips for decorating your living room mantelpiece

The fireplace is the heart of a living room, with families gathering around it every evening.

There’s nothing cosier than sitting in front of the fireplace at home, feeling the warmth and watching the flickering flames.

Whether you have an open fire, log burner, gas or electric fire, it’s likely your fireplace and its mantelpiece are a key focal point in your living room.

A beautifully decorated mantelpiece can instantly add style and character to your room but getting it right can be difficult.

We’ve put together some tips and suggestions to help you to style your mantelpiece to achieve a striking look.

Decorative items

Choosing the right items to go on your fireplace will largely depend on your room’s décor and your personal preference. Here are some ideas of the types of item that you may wish to consider adorning your mantelpiece with.

  • Mirror
  • Artwork
  • Photo frames
  • Candles
  • Plant
  • Fairy lights
  • Wallpaper
  • Garland
  • Vase
  • Ornaments
  • Clock

Tips for decorating your mantelpiece

Once you’ve got some idea of what you want to put on your mantelpiece, arranging your decorative items in a way that looks attractive and stylish can still take some trial and error.

Here are our top tips for creating an effective and striking display.

  • Less is more, avoid cluttering it up.
  • Choose items that complement each other and the surrounding décor.
  • Consider using symmetry.
  • Use items of different shapes and sizes.
  • Try layering items slightly rather than having everything side-by-side.
  • Try adding a tall or trailing plant for shape and texture.
  • Mix it up a few times a year.

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