The Versatile Monks Bench

Every so often a piece of antique furniture arrives that you imagine could offer all sorts of versatile uses in a contemporary home. The monks bench is one example.

A monks bench’s versatility relates to it being able to double up as either a seat or a table top as well as incorporating a storage area. When you purchase a monks bench you are actually purchasing 3 pieces of furniture in one making it an incredibly practical purchase.

Far from taking up space in the home as is the case with some antique furniture, with the monks bench, you will actually be saving it. The tabletop is set into a chest and the top can pivots to a vertical position and become the back of a seat. Beneath this the chest itself can be used to store all sorts of items that are often difficult to store away out of sight such as boots, shoes and so on, making the monks bench is perfect for entrance halls.

There remains some debate over the origin of the name of this particular type of furniture. Whether it was ever used by monks is debateable but what is certain is it would make a nice rustic edition to any type of home and would be particularly useful in smaller houses and apartments.