The Humble Work Bench Makes A Fashionable Comeback

The old wooden workbench has been a trusty addition to the workman’s shop for hundreds of years and now it’s making a comeback in homes and restaurants due to its hard wearing sturdy properties.

Of course alongside trendy interior design, the old-fashioned work bench still has its uses. A craftsman’s life may still revolve around the humble workbench. If you like to be hands-on with things like woodwork and metal work, it is still preferable to some of the more modern alternatives out there and certainly more robust. It is also possible to give it a bit of a facelift to give the bench a new lease of life when wear and tear has started to take its toll.

Using a work bench for the activities it was intended for is one thing but how are people using them elsewhere? You may wonder.

Well they can be excellent additions to the kitchen as well as the garden shed. With a lick of paint and some restoration work they
can be used as the basis for an island and a sturdy place to do the cooking in larger restaurant kitchens. What better way is there to add a bit of character to your kitchen?

We have some examples of reclaimed work benches now available if you want to have a look and imagine how you could put one to good use.