The Enduring Appeal Of The Door Knocker

The door knocker continues to occupy a special place in grand country houses despite a rather dark past.

One of the curious things about door knockers is how fearsome they look and who could forget that scene in A Christmas Carol when the large Victorian door knocker transforms into a ghostly apparition of Scrooge’s former business associate Jacob Marley.

Door knockers have a history that stretches a long way before Charles Dickens with the earliest examples thought to be fixed on doors in ancient Greece. The ring on the door knocker would be used to chain up slaves who would greet guests at the door.

There is evidence that door knockers were being used to mar the entrance to peoples’ homes as early as the 16th century in Britain. Examples were made by blacksmiths with great attention to detail that generally followed local traditions.

In the Victorian period door knockers began to look more elaborate still with many being produced in brass. You can just imagine people furiously polishing their brass door knockers to impress visitors.

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