The Best Paints To Go With Period Interiors

Every period in history has its own prominent colours. Of course we don’t have the benefit of colour photography to look back on and tell us what those colours were but plenty of records have been found via illustrations and even old layers of paint to give us a clear idea of the colours used.

So much so, we can now recreate the colour schemes of the past to match antique furniture and other period features you might have in your home. One particular trend expected in 2017 is a return to some of the colour schemes of the past. Some of the big paint manufacturers have already created heritage collections but they are often simulations of past colour palettes rather than true reproductions.

In the past natural ingredients were often used to create colours and you will find companies out there who can recreate those processes for a more authentic appearance.

So what colours should you use to recreate a Victorian era colour scheme? Ideal choices are milky white, slate, French blue, olive green as well as brimstone and brown. Victorian Colour schemes tended to be dark and more weighty than we see in modern colour schemes today.

If you are looking for colours used in the early 20th century, then plain whites, lead ochre, russet and lilac pink were very much the colours of the time and make the perfect complement to art deco furniture.