Summer Garden Projects

As we enter the final months of summer it is probably a bit late to be tackling any large scale garden projects but there are still plenty of smaller projects you could do besides mowing the lawn and weeding to maintain a garden sanctuary.

Summer is an ideal time to look at the potential of your garden
Summer is the season when your garden should be at its peak when it comes to flowers and of course the amount of sunlight it will be getting. This gives you the opportunity to assess if you are really getting the best out of it. Are you making the most of sunlight and planting your flowers in the right areas? Are you providing enough areas of shade to shelter from the sun? Are trees blocking light?

Painting garden furniture
Summer is an ideal time to give garden furniture and fences a fresh coat of paint. Rain is less likely and paint will dry quicker when its warm and sunny which should ensure the job is taken care of faster than at other times of the year.

Introducing new features
We often spend more time outside in the garden during summer and looking at the same old scenery can get tiresome. We have some wonderful reclaimed garden statues and ornaments here at Beeston reclamation as well as large pots and other features which can add a lot of character to any garden.