Struggling for Gift Ideas?

Everyone has that family member or friend who is difficult to buy for. This makes life even tougher if you live in a town where half the shops have closed down on the high street and most of the stores that are still open offer limited choice. But fear not, you might find something at Beeston Reclamation.

Reclamation yards are just the kind of places where you can pick up something unusual. While some items might need a bit of restoration work to restore them to their former glory, you will find a lot of items that need little more than a polish to have them looking as good as new.

For example, if your friend has a taste for art deco, we have an original 1920s art deco clock for sale. It’s made from marble and small enough to box up as the perfect gift.

Kids can sometimes be even harder to please but few will be disappointed with the large selection of play houses we have available. These are available in a range of sizes so that they will fir in most gardens. Prices range from 237 for a mini retreat to £2695 for the deluxe hideaway model.