Spring Landscaping Materials You Can Find at Beeston Reclamation

Spring is nearly upon us and it’s time to start thinking about tidying up the garden and making the most of those first spring flowers.

As the weather turns milder and the days longer, landscaping projects will start to look more appealing and at Beeston Reclamation we have a large selection of salvaged items ready to be given a new lease of life as landscaping features.

Of course, you could opt to go to your local DIY store and source the materials you need but you won’t get anything like the unusual items we have in stock. Items we always have in stock include:

Railway Sleepers
Paving and block paving
Victorian Edging
Decorative Pillars
Other decorative items

You can rest assured that all these items are high quality and have stood the test of time. Quantities can of course vary and so can the condition of the materials but people often like the rustic nature of reclaimed materials.

One thing you should keep in mind before starting and major landscaping projects is planning permission. Remember that if your wall is over a metre high and next to a road or 2 metres anywhere else, it will require planning permission before you put it up. Also, if your paving is impermeable and you are going to lay it on your front garden, that will need planning permission as well.

The rules are even stricter if you live in a listed property or conservation area where it is always best to check before doing anything that could be seen as not adhering to the rules.

You don’t want to source all this material only to end up having to remove it all.