Reclaimed Items You Can Use As Summer Planters

As we head into midsummer one of the great pleasures of being out in the garden are the abundance of flowers. Not everyone however will have large spaces in which to plant flowers and you may just have a small yard space which restricts your options. In these cases planters provide an ideal solution to brighten up a space and we have a large selection of reclaimed items that are great for this purpose. Such as the following…

Metal filing boxes
With the move to paperless offices, the need for filing boxes has diminished over the years but at least they have found a new lease of life as garden planters. Metal filing boxes can be painted or left in their original condition and either way they are naturally suited for the purpose and look great on patios or small yards.

Chimney pots
If you are looking for something a little more quirky, then our reclaimed chimney pots will also make excellent planters. Not only will they look good and provide a home for a large number of plants, they also offer plenty of drainage which will ensure your plants remain healthy.

Belfast Sink
The Belfast sink is often used as planter when it is no longer suitable for the use it was originally intended for. These sinks are incredibly robust and perfect for use outdoors as planters.