Reclaimed Chimney Pots Given New Life In Our Gardens

Chimney pots have a long and rich history even if nowadays we see less of them put to the use they were intended for.

Coal fires have largely been replaced by more modern forms of heating as people have turned to cheaper and greener ways to heat their homes. In densely populated areas, chimneys have long since disappeared along with the chimney sweeps.

Fortunately unlike many chimney sweeps, chimney pots have found a new lease of life in English country gardens all over the country. Rather than use simple plain pots, chimney pots offer a robust and attractive alternative that is durable and the perfect home for many garden plants.

If you intend to purchase one of our chimney pots for use in your own garden, then you should make sure there is a enough drainage for plants to thrive. If you pot doesn’t have anywhere for water to drain out, they can be easily modified by adding gravel or pieces of polystyrene at the base which allows water to drain away without it collecting at the base.

Another alternative to filling the chimney pot with compost and soil is to fit a smaller plastic pot inside. This will make the pot a whole lot lighter to mover around the garden.