Points To Remember When Buying A Reclaimed Cast Iron Radiator

If you want to introduce a radiator to your room that not only looks hot but stays hot for longer, look no further than the cast iron radiator. Before you go out and buy one however, there are some important things to consider.

One of the first is that not all cast iron radiators are made the same. Some will be cheaper copies and some will have leaks if they haven’t been restored properly.

Second hand cast iron radiators should be bought from a supplier who takes the time to advise you on what you are getting into. The radiator is likely to be the most important part of the heating setup in your house so the last thing you need is problems.

Radiators need to be professionally restored and modifications made to existing fittings to accommodate them. Water systems were set up a lot differently than they are today and it is likely that fittings you have at home won’t be compatible unless adjustments are made.

Once these small hurdles are overcome however, you will have a radiator that is far more efficient at retaining heat than a radiators constructed from modern materials. Please have a browse through our wide selection of cast iron radiators from various periods to find one that suits your home.