New In – Beehive Doorknobs

The beehive doorknob has a long history here in the UK stretching as far back as the Regency period and we are excited to have a couple of more recent but original examples on display and available to purchase.

This particular set of beehive doorknobs will look great in any period property because they are in such great condition as well as being something of a design classic.

Early examples of beehive doorknobs were fairly simple with just a few rings around the edge, however the design soon evolved into incorporating multiple rings which offered even better grip. So as well as being decorative, these door knobs were also practical and were embraced by the Victorians who were keen to have both these features.

Brass which was also popular in Victorian times added increased the decorative aspect further. The brass beehive doorknob was mostly reserved for front doors and the most important rooms in the house. No doubt many house-proud people or perhaps maids could be seen polishing them ahead of welcoming guests to their homes.

If you want to find out more about the beehive doorknobs we have in stock here at Beeston why not pop in and have a look?