Natural Stone or Concrete Paving – Which is Best?

Before starting on a paving project people are often inclined to ask which is best natural stone or concrete? So let’s look at the some of the pros and cons of each to help you come to the right choice for your landscape project.

One thing is certain, natural stone is going to cost you more to purchase but this needs to be weighed against its durability. Natural stone is going to last a lot longer than concrete paving which is less strong and more vulnerable to chips and cracks. So investing more in stone to begin with, may cost you less long term.

When it comes to weathering and wear and tear, there is no contest. Natural stone actually looks better over time as its surface becomes smoother with use. As mentioned above harsh weather can cause issues with concrete over a number of years leading to unsightly chips that expose the aggregate beneath.

Colour choice
The huge variety of unique colours you will find in natural stone far surpasses what manufacturers can recreate with concrete.
If you would like to source reclaimed natural stone paving for your landscape project, we have plenty of options available at Beeston Reclamation.