Laying Your Reclaimed Wooden Floor

Laying reclaimed wooden flooring in your home can really add character but there are a number of practical issue to consider before attempting to do it yourself.

First of all buying reclaimed means you will be getting your floor boards in all sorts of lengths. They will also need to be restored to their former glory for use in the home, therefore you will need to factor in the time it takes you or a professional to work on this.

We wouldn’t recommend attempting to lay reclaimed flooring yourself unless you have experience or you are a competent DIYer. If you think you have the skills, then here are some important things to consider before going ahead and laying your floor:

Sub floors
The important thing here is to prevent moisture getting into your flooring. It will need to be dried out and have a damp proof membrane installed.

Underfloor pipes
If you have underfloor pipework, these should also be lagged to provide a protective barrier to heat. If heat gets into your wood then it will shrink, distort and ruin all your work.

Wide board or narrow board?
Another important thing to remember is the choice of board. If you opt for a wide board, then this is more likely to bow therefore it can be more difficult to fit and more susceptible to humidity and extremes of temperature.