Key Antique Trends To Watch In 2017

2017 is set to be another exciting year for antiques and collectibles so what exactly lies in store and what are the key trends to watch out for?

What is looking apparent already is the appetite among buyers of antiques remains strong. While the prime markets will continue to see a focus on blue chip art works from the likes of Andy Warhol, Picasso and so on, a more down to earth focus for us mere mortals will be on post-war art.

In the world of antiques the grand tour look is being seen as the most in-demand. Dramatic large scale plaster sculptures marble capitals and chimney tablets will be sought after according to the experts in addition to folk art pieces.

In case you are wondering about folk art, we are talking objects such as weathervanes, old signs, carousel horses and even tribal masks.
More disconcerting is the increased demand for death masks which date back to Victorian times when people wanted to create haunting mementos of the deceased.

If this and other examples of this year’s trends are not for you, then as ever there will be plenty of items available to browse through at the reclamation yard this year.