Isn’t It Time You Bought A Shepherd’s Hut For Your Garden?

David Cameron spent 25,000 on one and they’re beginning to find their way into all sorts of design magazines. Isn’t it time you invested in a not-so-humble shepherd’s hut?

Shepherd’s huts, as you might have heard are taking the country by storm providing a new dimension to the ‘man caves’, ‘woman caves’ and of course the latest craze for those who can’t bear the thought of sleeping in a leaky tent – glamping.

The former Prime Minister’s fully kitted out version is of course at the premium end of the shepherd’s hut market but you can easily have one adapted bespoke for you and still have enough left over to kit it out with an investment starting at £7,500.

Shepherd’s huts can of course be adapted for other uses besides glamping, they can provide a sanctuary in the garden where you can relax and read or perhaps as a home office where you can get away from noise in the house.

The fact that shepherds huts have wheels means they won’t be tied to any particular area of your garden and can be moved around to suit your requirements.

Companies are apparently reporting a 60% increase in their profits in the last 3 years as demand increases. It seems like the rustic charm of the Shepherds hut is here to stay for some time yet.