Is It Time To Invest In That Summerhouse You Always Wanted?

It might not feel like it but spring is already upon us and summer isn’t far away. That means now is the ideal to time to buy that summerhouse you always promised yourself.

Summerhouses have a long history and they remain extremely popular even today. Of course not everyone will have the luxury of having enough land to place a summerhouse on, but if you have even a small garden with enough space, then a summer house can provide an ideal place to escape or to simply relax and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of your garden.

Summerhouses can some in many sizes and we have the full range of wooden summerhouses here at Beeston from small Swiss Lodge style cabins to deluxe garden retreats. And if you are conscious about space saving in your garden we have plenty of examples that will fit snugly into a corner of your garden so that they look like a perfectly natural part of it.

As our summer houses are constructed from wood, they can be painted in all kinds of attractive colours to add a touch of vibrancy to your outdoor space.