Investing In Antique Furniture – Which Era Is Best?

Antique furniture has long attracted the attention of wealthy investors but in more recent years, there has been something of a decline in appetite for furniture from some periods. So what era should you be focusing on at the moment when it comes to antique furniture for investment?

Like anything else in investment, what goes up must come down with the opposite also true. While antique furniture will always bring pleasure to those who appreciate examples from a particular era, when it comes to investment, tastes are often influenced by fashion.

The market for high end furniture has fallen 28% in the past decade according to the FT while art has continued to appreciate, rising 10% in value overall according to the most recent surveys in the sector.

The decline in value in the sector however has been far from uniform. While Victorian and Edwardian furniture has been losing value, mid-century furniture and Scandinavian style has been increasing in value.

This is in part to design influences that favour minimalism and the more practical down to earth desire to make the most of limited space. As the value of property has risen, the available space has been squeezed meaning there often isn’t the space for a big Victorian sideboard or an extravagant piece of Regency furniture.