Introducing The Biedermeier Pine Dresser

If you are looking for a pine dresser then why not consider the latest antique arrival to Beeston Reclamation. The Biedermeier Pine Dresser can be put to a variety of uses and would be the perfect addition to a period style kitchen.

If you are wondering what ‘Biedermeier’ refers to, it actually has an interesting history as a movement that has its origins in central Europe in what was one the Austro-Hungarian empire and Germany. Infact you will see many examples of similar pine dressers to the one we have on display in many period properties in those countries even today.

The movement is linked to the expansion of the middle class and a renewed appreciation for the arts sometime after the beginning of the 19th century following the Napoleonic war until the middle of that century when revolution and war was once again a threat to peace.

Furniture from the Biedermeier period became increasingly ornate, yet the materials used to create the furniture were often cheaply available rather than mahogany which was often used to create more expensive furniture in the 19th century.

The Biedermeier dresser we have at Beeston is currently available to purchase at £600 but as with any of the antiques, please check to see if it is still in stock.