Indulge Your Love For Beer At Beeston

Beer is a national obsession in the UK and competition amongst breweries is huge. This means that branding and marketing have always been of vital importance to beer producers, from beer mats to beer taps, the number of collectable items is huge and we have several interesting examples on display at Beeston reclamation.

The hobby of collecting beer taps and pumps is more popular than you might expect with thousands of pages on Pinterest devoted to beer pump and tap collections. Some people have complete rooms dedicated to their hobby without a drop of real beer in sight. So what is it about reclaimed beer taps that attracts so many people?

The best beer taps could be almost considered as works of art. They are designed to increase the appeal of particular brands of beer and this is part of the reason why they are so collectable.

Another reason is their appeal to people who love the vintage style designs. Most breweries keep to their strong traditions when creating designs for beer taps.

Alongside the various beer taps we have on display you will also find pump badges, and even a pub sign. All of which would be perfect if you are creating your own bar area or if you simply want to add to your own collection of reclaimed pub items.