Indian Cooking Pots And Our Enduring Fascination With Indian Food

Our latest stock of Indian cooking pots has got me thinking about how much India has helped shape our modern British culture.

Ever since the British first landed and began to open trade routes to India, there has been a fascination with Indian food that has endured to this day. This has also been reflected in Indian culture itself with a lot about British culture having rubbed off on people living on a continent thousands of miles away.

Of course one of India’s biggest exports to the UK is the curry dish. There is hardly a town in the UK that doesn’t have an Indian restaurant and there will be plenty of examples of where the two cultures have collided when you pick up a menu.

What you may not know is that India has had an influence on the British diet since the 16th Century. Back then busy kitchens would be introducing all kinds of spices to meals, many of them brought over from India.

While you probably won’t want to be cooking an Indian meal in our latest stock of Indian Cooking pots, we think they are extremely versatile and can be put to plenty of other uses. They can make excellent planters for example if you want to introduce an unusual feature to your garden.