How To Use Tulip Chimney Pots In Your Garden

Reclaimed chimney pots are becoming very popular in gardens all over the country because they are an ideal alternative to standard pots and add great character to a garden whether used at the front or rear of the house.

If you plan on using them for your garden there are a few things to bear in mind.

As with standard containers you will first need to ensure that that there is enough drainage. Where drainage is natural in borders, planting in containers requires the addition of material at the bottom of the pot that allows water to drain underneath.

Polystyrene and plastic are ideal as is gravel. Not allowing drainage will result in water being trapped inside which could lead to rotting underneath.

Many people use a plastic pot which they then place in the top of the chimney rather than fill the entire pot with compost and soil. The advantage of this is that the chimney pot, which can be quite be a few feet tall, can be moved around the garden more easily. Moving a chimney pot full of soil will be no easy task!

In terms of plants, you can plant anything that will be comfortable in a container in a chimney pot and the extra height can create some interesting focal points in the garden.