How to Source the Salvage for Your Building Project?

With so many places to look, it can be hard to and sometimes bewildering to source the right architectural salvage you need for your project. Then there is the scale of the project to think about.

One recent building development project in Manchester managed to recycle, 96% of the material gained from the demolition of an old mill but this is an exception rather than the rule when it comes to major building projects.

Not every building company is going to have salvage materials on the doorstep which means sourcing those materials from further afield. The same can apply even to modest home improvement projects.

While sourcing salvage online can be an option, it is better in most cases to visit a reclamation yard where you can at least assess the condition of the materials and fittings you are considering for your project.

A good reclamation yard can also set aside materials of a specific type such as oak flooring and in enough quantity to enable you to complete the work rather than having to source it from multiple locations.

You may also find that you can source all your other items in the same place such as plumbing fixtures, architectural features and so on. Many of these pieces will be on-offs however so speed is of the essence if you see something suitable.