How to Mix Contemporary and Period Features In Your Home

If you have just invested in a period house this may have been influenced by an appreciation of its period features. Most of us, however, don’t want to live in a house that doesn’t have at least some contemporary features to go with.

Herein lies the difficulty when you to try to match those contemporary features or even furniture and so on from different periods. How do match them up so items don’t look out of place? While you may see lots of examples of interior designers doing a fabulous job of mixing period features, they will have the advantage of training and experience.

Often a decision will need to be made on what you should keep in the property including its architectural features and what should just be thrown away. It is important to remember that period houses were built with completely different lifestyles in mind.

In the old days people may have had their toilets outside and bathrooms and kitchens are often more modestly proportioned than they are today in today’s open planned houses.

This gives us the key to good design when mixing contemporary and period features. We need to plan for the function of the property. Is it a buy to let? Does it have the potential to be used as a B and B? Or will it serve as your family home and so on.

Each of these cases will require a different approach depending on the purpose of the house but when it comes to interior design in all of them, period features need to serve a useful purpose in a modern setting and serve as something to admire rather than obstruct or get in the way.