How to Make You Period Home Look More Authentic During Renovations

Owning a period home means you get to enjoy all the character these properties offer but renovation work is likely to be far more difficult on some properties and other depending on the materials used in the original build.

If you are sourcing new materials for your renovation project, then there is always the problem of getting them to match what is already in place. New materials when set against old ones can stick out like a sore thumb, so it can be easier to source those materials from reclamation yards where you will find that most items will have been around sufficiently long enough to develop a patina.

At Beeston Reclamation you will find all sorts of items for sale that can be put to good use in period homes. If you are looking for art deco style brass door handles, for example, then rather than buy a shiny new example which would look out of place in some settings, you could purchase our reclaimed examples to achieve that aged effect.

The same can be said for our large collection of cast iron fireplaces. The aged effect can be difficult to achieve when purchasing new, but with a wide selection we have available, you will have no problem finding the perfect fireplace for your renovation project.