How to Make Good Use of Reclaimed Items in Your Home

Reclamation yards offer so much more than building materials. They are places that help fire the imagination with so many items available that can be put to new uses in the home. Whether you are seeking items for an interior design project or looking for garden features, a reclamation yard can yield some exciting new discoveries.

This is something you are unlikely to get in most hardware stores and mass-produced furniture shops. Authenticity is guaranteed when items are reclaimed and some of the items you find would cost a small fortune if they were manufactured to the same standards and from the same materials today.

Rather than simply imitating the past, reclaimed antiques are part of the past and will have the marks of time to prove it. With this in mind here are some tips on getting the best out of reclaimed items and materials in your home.

Make sure what you buy is useful
There is no point buying reclaimed items that won’t fit in your home or something that will end up gathering dust in the garage. Make sure you can put what you buy to good use and this should not necessarily be the use for which it was originally intended.

Don’t over do it
Some people are natural collectors of antiques and reclaimed materials and if that’s what they enjoy there is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes however it is possible to get carried away on a wave of nostalgia only to find you have overspent on things you will never use.

Don’t be afraid to make changes
Much of what you find at reclamation yards will need a bit of restoration work or a colour change to fit your design scheme. Don’t be afraid to make those changes. Buying reclaimed is all about upcycling and making use of what’s already in existence.