How To Choose The Right Dog Kennel

If you need to keep your dog outside for long periods, then you will need a kennel that is both comfortable and warm and meets the needs of your dog.

This is why choosing a kennel is something that needs to be carefully considered and not just for the welfare of your dog but also to avoid many of the problems associated with keeping dogs outside.

One of the biggest considerations is the size of the kennel. Choosing the right sized kennel will ensure that you can tick many of the boxes including comfort and warmth.

So before even thinking about buying a kennel a dog should be measured to ensure the kennel is suitable for the breed. If the dog isn’t yet full grown, ensure that the dog’s won’t outgrow the kennel when they reach maturity.

A kennel shouldn’t be too big or too small as both can be problematic. A kennel should simply provide enough space to walk around in with 4 inches of extra headroom when the dog is standing up.

Wood is a great choice of material for a dog kennel because you will want to opt for materials that will be more resistant to being chewed.

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