How To Choose Period Door Furniture

If you happen to be renovating an older property, you will probably be considering a visit to the reclamation yard to choose some authentic items you can use for details.

One of the most popular items on sale at reclamation yards are reclaimed doors and furniture. However it is important to consider the following before making your purchases.

It is always wise to set a budget when you start on a big project and this should include what you intend to spend on the smaller details as well as the larger ones. Budgets can soon be used up on doors alone. Add in door furniture and things can soon become expensive.

Is it possible to use what you already have?
If you already have original door furniture then you may be able to restore it. Issues to watch out for include metric spindles not fitting with imperial locks. Iron door furniture can also rust so it is worth checking if it is worth keeping hold of. Brass on the other hand is far more robust.

Make sure you choose the right items
The easiest way to make sure you are choosing the right items is to look at other houses in your area if they have similar period features. Only select pieces that are similar in style to or match the period of the property