How To Choose Bricks

Bricks have been used in building for thousands of years and to this day they are by far the most common building blocks of houses. This means you will find a lot of bricks around of various sizes, colours and properties making it difficult to choose the right brick for your particular project. So what are the most important things to consider when choosing bricks for your project?

Is the brick right for the area?
The plans for any building project should include consideration of the local area. Architects and builders call this the vernacular which is all about the appearance of a building fits in with the local area. For example, a red brick house would look out of place on a typical Cotswold high street but would fit in fine in parts of Cheshire and the North West.

The style of the building
Closely linked to the above is the style of a building. Each individual house with have its own character and if its an older building it will be of its period. It is important therefore in these cases to choose an authentic style of brick for the period of the property.

Where to buy bricks
Bricks can easily be purchased from a variety of suppliers including builder’s merchants or increasingly from online suppliers. If it’s a restoration project, then reclamation yards may have an extensive supply of bricks from particular periods that will fit well with the vernacular of an area.