How To Choose A Playhouse

We don’t just do reclaimed here at Beeston, we also have a wide selection of playhouses for sale ranging from small play houses suitable for small children, to deluxe two story mansions. This makes us well qualified to offer advice on the best playhouse to choose for your kids.

The number one concern for most parents is that a playhouse is safe. Construction should be particularly robust for any structure aimed at children and it worth checking how well put together your playhouse is before purchasing. Your playhouse should at the very least comply with all safety standards.

The nest point to consider is the material used in the construction. Wood has its advantages and disadvantages and so does plastic. Wooden playhouses that are poorly maintained can lead to children getting splinters but this is unlikely if the playhouse has been carefully put together.

Many people prefer the ease of putting together and then storing plastic playhouses. These tend to be easier to look after but they do have some major drawbacks. One is pollution with huge amounts of plastic being used in their construction. The second is plastic generally fades when left outdoors even for one season. This can make them look a bit of a monstrosity in the garden.

The next and probably one of the most important things to consider is cost. Wooden playhouses will generally cost more but when properly cared for they will look good for many year. Plastic playhouses are cheaper but they also tend to be smaller and more suitable for toddlers than older children.