How to care for stained glass windows

Whether original or reclaimed, stained glass windows are an attractive feature that can add real value and kerb appeal to your home.

Keeping beautiful stained glass windows clean and free of dust and debris enhances their appearance and increases their longevity and value.

Stained glass windows are delicate and should be cleaned and maintained with gentle care only using the following tips and advice.

Inspect– When it’s time to clean your stained glass window you should always inspect it carefully to ensure that none of the panes are loose before you commence. If any of the glass or the metal frame that holds the glass in place is cracked, broken, or otherwise damaged then you should call in a professional to fix the window before attempting to clean it.

Brush away dirt– Dirt should be gently dusted away on a regular basis using a brush with soft bristles or a clean cloth to avoid a build-up occurring.

Wash– If your window is looking a little grubby then you can gently wash it using a non-abrasive sponge and soapy water. A simple washing up solution should be sufficient when for cleaning away most dirt. Be sure to always use a gentle PH-neutral soap, never use acidic or harsh cleaners on stained glass windows as they may cause damage. Apply the cleaning solution to the sponge or cloth rather than spraying it directly onto the window and wash one piece of glass at a time. Use a toothbrush or cotton bud to clean detailed or intricate areas.

Dry– As you finish cleaning each pane of glass, use a separate soft, clean cloth to gently dry them and wipe away any streaks.

Stains and damage– We recommend having stained glass windows with more stubborn stains or damage restored by a professional for best results and to prevent further damage.

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